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Until 13 October in gastronomic days to dining in this dish

Thirty Cambrils restaurants offer menus sus noodle "rossos"

We want to continue strengthening Cambrils gastronomic capital of the Costa Dorada

The best gastronomy in Cambrils 2013

Cambrils. Costa Dorada. 11 October 2013. Until this Sunday, October 13 , thirty  restaurants in Cambrils offer menus with noodles as main dish with Estrella Damm Inedit beer as a drink , on the occasion of the first Gastronomic Noodles " Rossos " . In the pan with squid , with shrimp and clams, with octopus, with lobster , with seasonal mushrooms , with strains and squid with anchovies , with monkfish , cuttlefish , mussels , algae , crayfish and black garlic aioli ... The proposed menu and price of each restaurant is different but always with this dish seafaring tradition linked to the common denominator .

Cambrils gourmet capital
The mayor of Cambrils , Mercè Dalmau , said during the presentation of the food festivals that the purpose of this new initiative is to highlight a dish of fishermen and further enhance the actions to reinforce Cambrils as gastronomic capital of the Costa Dorada, seasonally adjusted tourism and attract visitors. Dalmau highlighted the great involvement of the Hospitality Association of Cambrils , like Damm thanked Inédit collaboration in the implementation of food festivals .

The Councillor for Tourism, Xavi Martí , said the intention is to maintain and expand the proposals based on the promotion of quality products of the territory through the food. " We want to be the gastronomic capital throughout the year," said Martin.

The days of the noodles " Rossos " add to calendar gastronomic Cambrils, which already has events dedicated to other products of the cambrilense as the galley kitchen, artichoke, blue fish and wine, among others.

Establishments engaged
Participating restaurants are:
  • Al Punt
  • Acuamar
  • Bec d’Or
  • Bresca
  • Can Bosch
  • Casa Gallau
  • Casa Macarrilla
  • Casa Port
  • Casavella
  • Club Nàutic
  • Del Mar
  • Duomo
  • El Pati
  • El Pescador
  • El Pósito
  • Gami
  • Germans Miquel’s
  • l’Espurna
  • L’Indret
  • La Galera
  • La Palmera de la Llosa
  • Les Barques
  • Les Fonts
  • Miquel
  • Miramar
  • Montserrat
  • Rincón de Diego
  • Sacristia del Port
  • Tem
  • Xavier Macarrilla
You have every weekend to enjoy the magnificent Rossos noodle dishes " of the restaurants in Cambrils. You can book your accommodation with at incredible prices and just worry about savoring the best seafood on the Costa Dorada !

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