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Program of the XXXVI International Music Festival of Cambrils

17 July 2010 DELREVÉS, vertical dance Repite Conmigo Port Tower at 22h. Company founded by saioa Fernandez and Eduardo Torres in 2007. Starting each from different disciplines within the arts, her main goal is the fusion of these different artistic languages, such as dance, martial arts, theater and, of course, dance vertical, using the architecture to support the movement. The intention of these artists is to introduce the viewer into a parallel world, a magical world, where you can fly, where gravity does not exist .. Musically, Delrevés has the original compositions of French musician Aurelien Rotureau. His work is based on a mix of electronic music with acoustic instruments and household objects played live. 19 July 2010 Sax quartet Limnos * Little posted Cambrils Park Festival at 22h. This quartet has its origins in 2005 in France, where the four saxophonists Catalan match during their studies to perfect the instrument. Aiming to know the saxophone in various aspects, the program includes works representative of the traditional repertoire of the school of classical saxophone, and some transcriptions, especially works by contemporary composers such as David Selleras Thierry Escaich, David Maslanka and Salvador Brotons. 25 July 2010 Chamber Orchestra TERRACE 48 From master to student parish of St. Peter at 22h. Who of us have never had a teacher that has marked so deep? Who can remember a teacher who became a key step in determining your life? In this concert, the OCT48 walk on the footsteps of great composers of art and its most famous students, through the close relationship between teacher and student. In this case, Reinecke was the master, and among their students, there are others, such names as: E. Grieg, L. Janaceck, I. Albeniz, M. Bruch, etc.. All of these great composers of the Romantic. The OCT48 includes instrumentalists from different sites related to musical activity in the city of Terrace. Formed in 1987 and refounded in 2000, is led by concertmaster violinist Térmens Quim. 27 July 2010 JOAN MANUEL SERRAT Son of light and shadow Samà Park at 22h. In the birth centenary of poet Miguel Hernandez (1910-1942), Joan Manuel Serrat, accompanied by a sextet of musicians, has prepared a new work in honor of the poet. Serrat because he dedicated an album in 1972, which announced the poet, especially from the poem For Freedom, "which became an anthem. Thus, Joan Manuel Serrat has decided to visit the closet for the second time the verse of Hernandez and prepared the new album: Son of light and shadow, thirteen new songs to music, with the material published in 1972, form the raw material of this great show. 30 July 2010 HEART CHILDREN IN TEMPO WILHELM FORTUNY ENSEMBLE Children's Cantata: The great alchemist Samà Park at 22h. As a family activity, presents a cantata for children, the great alchemist, played by William Fortuny Children's Choir under the direction of Carolina Morales with training In Tempo Ensemble Rat Cebrián and Nuria Carazo, tells how the alchemist and his four assistants working elves preparing the cake of happiness as a big book book fair old Paseo de Gracia, a chapter devoted to discovering the Philosopher's Stone. Following the discovery, are proposed for the stone, and while they solve riddles posed by this text, discovering the elements that make music: melody, rhythm, harmony and polyphony. The Children's Choir was founded in 2007 as part of a musical and artistic awareness that develops the Fortuny William School, in conjunction with the Parents of this center. Integrated for children of primary and, with the aim of promoting among them the love and taste for music. The Cantata "The Great Alchemist" is an original idea and production of the Barcelona Auditorium. 31 July 2010 Soweto Gospel Choir African Gospel Samà Park at 22h. Under the baton of the noted director David Mulovhedzi, the Soweto Gospel Choir is a bold and impressive group of voices that brings together the best talent from many churches and communities in and around Soweto. The South African gospel music is truly unique, because he knows the music combined with the exciting sound of drums and dancing. It has strong roots in traditional music and expresses a powerful spiritual message. In addition to the traditional African gospel, the program includes Soweto Gospel Choir in Concert Amazing Grace, Paradise Road and songs of Otis Redding soul and style reggae of Jimmy Cliff. Gosperl Soweto Choir will participate in the inaugural World Cup of Football Picks South Africa. August 2, 2010 S. D. ORTEGA QUARTET thorny FEATURES * Little posted Cambrils Park Festival at 22h. Jazz quartet led by Sandra Ortega has this time with guitarist David tricky. Both artists have shared the stage with jazz figures such as Dani Forcada, Javier JuanCa Eduard Iniesta Abrié Gemma, Paula Dominguez, Vicens Solsona, Dave Mitchel, Henry Oliver, Tom Warburton, also participated in Jazz Cava de Terrassa Festival Jazz Tortosa Peralada Festival, Festival de Jazz de Figueres, etc.. Noteworthy touring USA 2006 USA 2007 made by Sandra Ortega, together with the American singer Sam Lardner. August 4, 2010 ALEX ALGUACIL Piano crypt chapel at 22h. Alex Alguacil is one of the most important musicians of the music scene. Pianist of great international reputation, its actions have led to the most important stages in North America, Europe and Japan. Winner of numerous awards and international competitions, has performed with orchestras such as the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, the Vancouver Symphony Ochestra or OBC, and in prestigious halls such as Carnegie Hall, Palace of Catalan Music, Merkin Hall at Lincoln Center in New York, among others. Program: Salvador Brotons (1959) Dedications Op. 112 (premiere) Impromptu Op. 34 Alexander Scriabin (1872 - 1915) Sonata no. 3 in F minor, Op. 23 Manuel de Falla (1876 - 1946) 4 piezas españolas Fantasy Baetica 6 August 2010 Locomotive BLACK & BIG MAMA Blues & Swing Samà Park at 22h. The Swing The locomotive Black, with versions of jazz classics such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, etc., meets the "feeling" that arises from the Blues more authentic voice of Big Mama in flags from their recreation of singers black American music, as is the case: Bessie Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin and Dinah Whashington. Blues & Swing: the perfect combination. 8 August 2010 CIA. THE DOMUS Karo Kontra Tango Samà Park at 22h. Director, Francis Fernandez Kontratango, contemporary dance performance that merges with the Argentine Tango. Two violins, piano, bandoneon, guitar and bass penetrates the soul of the dancers from the excitement created his own movement. We are facing a complete dance, tango or not contemporary, but just dance, without further claim that convey the excitement of life. It is a choreographed musical experience, unique to the strange beauty of his choreography accompanied by an exquisite musical climate. It is an unusual invitation to the dance world. 11 August 2010 Jaume Vilaseca QUARTET Jazznesis - The Music of Genesis 1970 - 1974 Castle Vilafortuny at 22h. The music of the progressive rock band Genesis from 1970 to The Lamb Lies Tresspass doen on Broadway in 1974, is an inexhaustible source of ideas, creativity and risk. Genesis reborn again with a new voice, a new language, rhythms and colors based on flamenco roots, African, Latin and Brazilian. For Jaume Vilaseca Quartet, jazz is something totally live, pure communication, an open approach and commitment to music and improvisation. Presents an excellent jazz band: saxophonist Victor Lee, bassist and drummer Dick Them Ramón Díaz; every four visitors to take a trip to the Mediterranean, North Africa, Andalusia, the Caribbean, Brazil ... 13 August 2010 Liliane Questel Piano crypt chapel at 22h. His international career as soloist, concert pianist and has taken to France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Canada and many U.S. venues. Awarded in the international competition in William Kapella Maryland (USA), Liliane Questel has participated in festivals in both Europe and the United States and has performed with orchestras in Belgium, Antwerp, Malaga, Mississippi, Bremerton, Michigan, or Baltimore Philharmonic of Cuba, among others. It is worth mentioning its participation in four editions of the International Music Festival of Cambrils. Liliane Questel, born in Haiti, graduated in piano at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and obtained a doctorate Peabody Institute in Baltimore, under the direction of renowned pianist and teacher FLEISHER Leon. He currently lives in New York. 14 August 2010 Maria de Medeiros Continents & peninsulas Samà Park at 22h. Continents & peninsulas, the new album by Maria de Medeiros, is a musical journey between the Italic and Iberian Peninsula and the American and African continents. Beyond music, the same languages creates a melodic framework: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, English languages ... the continents and peninsulas. Messages, Whispers, screams, sighs, laughs are a tissue of feelings in intercontinental travel.  

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