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Program ,Dies de llibres, 2010, in Cambrils

DIES DE LLIBRES 2010, IN CAMBRILS Thursday, April 8 At 19.30 h, in the Hall of the Cultural Centre, presenting a dignified exit from the book, edited by Jesus Cossetània Edicions Tibau (story collection) by the journalist Oscar Ramirez. Tibau has a weakness for short stories and always says that trying to live the "story." A graceful exit is his 4th book of stories, a collection of stories with the plot of death, but not from a dramatic point of view or macabre, but with a sense of humor and tenderness. During the ceremony, singer Jesus Fusté interpret some of his songs. Friday, April 9 At 19.00 h, in the Civic Center Les Basses, Poetry Classroom presentation of the book not fall in love the son of a railway Javier Peñas Organizer: Antenna Knowledge Monday, April 12 At 18.00 h, in the Municipal Library: World Book Day Children and Youth. Read the Manifesto by children Children's Reading Club and later stories: Rosana Animalada by Andreu. From 5 years. Catalan Children's Book Council and Youth At 20.00 h, in the Hall of the Cultural Center, presentation of the book The forger, by Toni Orensanz, edited by Cossetània editions. All the villages are full of stories where, usually, it is impossible to discern what's true or what's hopelessly false in its origin, however, explain and explain again, or salads, to devote capital truths that little by little, just part of our personal and collective reality stronger. The impostor rises to the role a lot of great stories that could have happened anywhere in the Mediterranean Wednesday, April 14 At 20.00 h, in the Hall of the Cultural Center, Salvador Espriu, "... What I have written is written." Poetic and musical composition by Jaume Calatayud and Vicente Monera On the 25th anniversary of his death, an act of homage to the great Catalan poet. "I react from day against intolerable arbitrariness that is pursuing a language, it so happened that was the mine, the Catalan, but I would have reacted the same way against the persecution of any other. I think that there is no language delineations can not offend a language, a language that is beyond good and evil. "- Salvador Espriu. From 14 to April 23 Activities "and the verse became man and dwelt among us" Open Poetry Organizers: Understanding Antenna URV Friday, April 16 At 19.00 h, in the Hall of the Cultural Center, presentation of the book, CATHEDRALS OF WINE, Raquel Lacuesta Contreras, edited by Angle Editorial, with the participation of the filmmakers, David Galindo, Lluís Serra and Anna Melich. A unique book on the market, with over 60 wineries and distilleries throughout Catalonia. Report with photographs of current and historical photographs that give prominence to the significant wine tradition rooted in our country. Great architects such as Antoni Gaudí, Bernardi Martorell, Josep Puig, Pere Domènech i Roura, Cesar Martinell, Ignasi Mas i Morell or Catà and Catà Enric, among others, to leave our country a good example of these temples of wine and also of cava or the spirit of breeze. Sunday, April 18 At 18.00 h, at the Teatro del Principe Casal Totilau The company presents STORM Synopsis: An adaptation designed for all audiences of one of the great plays of William Shakespeare. It tells the story of Prospero, former Duke of Milan, which, by his mastery of magic, which makes travel shipwreck who, years ago, banished to the island where he now lives with his daughter Miranda. A show of actors and puppets filled with wisdom, magic, adventure, humor and tenderness. Entry: 3 € Wednesday, April 21 At 20.00 h, in the crypt of the chapel, presentation CARRILET LO DE LA CAVA and songs of José Bono. With Gemma Well, Elena and Arturo Fabra Gaya, edited by Cossetània editions. What Carrilet of Cava, the best-known song José Bono, has become an anthem for the people of the Ebro The author portrays slang half-century history of his people: land, labor, customs, hopes and despairs . There are 20 songs that paint a musical landscape for the Delta. Organizers: Coral Verge del Camí. Thursday, April 22 At 15.30 h, in the Hall of the Cultural Center AWARENESS WORKSHOP FOR THE USE OF CATALAN, framed in the campaign "Commit Catalan 2010." Organizers: Local Service Catalán. At 18pm, visit the library with Teak Teatre. Family activity. We will have to register in advance at the library itself. Places are limited. At 20.00 h, in the Hall of the Cultural Center presentation of the new book by Sandra Canudas WORLD ATLAS orgasms. International Handbook of love, sex and courtship A book that we send a lot of tips and information related to the art of love from the multicultural aspect, which shows that the practices and values of love have different connotations depending on the location of the planet where we are. A presentation anecdotal, fun, cultural, social protest and claim liberal! Friday, April 23. CELEBRATION OF THE DIADA DE SANT JORDI Throughout the day, the port: MARKET OF SANT JORDI: book stalls and flowers Organizers: Open Cambrils 25th ANNIVERSARY OF RADIO CAMBRILS Cambrils Radio 90.0 FM and TD Camp (the DTT channel 56) will accompany their programs on the day of Sant Jordi. Sant Jordi special live program from the Port of Cambrils From 11 h to 13 h and 17 h at 19 Hear or see the stand of the port and participate in our activities. CAMBRILS MUNICIPAL LIBRARY Throughout the day, during the Day of Sant Jordi, the library helps improve the environment, and reusable cloth bags given away to all those who make use of loan service. As of April 26, can be purchased bags or plastic clothes with logos of the Library. The unit price shall be: Bags of clothes: 0.50 c. and plastic bags: 0, 20 c. At 17.00 h, in the harbor, with the performances of Sardanas Cobla Contemporary and Friends of the Sardana Cambrils Organizers: Area Events At 18.00 h, in the port, Man of the children's show, with the company Teatre Nu. Alicia dreams, dreams that he gets older and becomes a giant who walks the streets of towns and cities. While still a rabbit jumping moves vigorously, she discovers a world of fantasy that guide the curious characters: the manipulators of dreams. Organizers: Department of Culture and TD Camp At 20.30 h, Vilafortuny Castle, celebrating the literary banquet II (reservations required) More information at the Civic Center Vilafortuny or cell 977 585 700 79 54 63/670. Organizers: Cultural Vilafortuny Saturday, April 24 At 11.00 pm in the Civic Center Vilafortuny, Inauguration of the Exhibition of caricatures of the cartoonist and Txema Iustrador Berruga. From 11.00 to 13.00 pm in the Civic Center Vilafortuny, Children's Drawing Contest: Theme Sant Jordi. More information at the Civic Centre or telephone Vilafortuny 977 585 700 79 54 63/670. Organizers: Cultural Vilafortuny Friday, April 30 At 1900 h, in the Hall of the Cultural Center, presentation of the book, HAPPY FOR BEING RUN, by Arcadi Alibés. Edited by Ara Llibres. "Why do we run? Why defy time and left the comfort of our homes to go to make miles and follow a training plan that does not require us anyone? What we found in fact running? This is the question so many times we have done for all parties who are not, coworkers, friends or even family. A difficult question to answer because it has built an entire philosophy of life, a philosophy that only those who understand we run. " RAMBLA CINEMA: CINEMA AND BOOKS   TIANA Y EL SAPO An animated comedy scenario where her New Orleans. Where a young woman, Tiana dreams of opening a restaurant, and a prince turned into a frog, he wants to return to their human physique. • Friday, April 2, at 1800 h • Saturday, April 3, at 1800 h • Sunday, April 4, at 1700 h INVICTUS The story of how Nelson Mandela joined forces with the master of South African rugby team, Francois Piennes, to help the country together. • Thursday, April 1, at 2230 h • Saturday, April 3, at 2230 h • Sunday, April 4, at 1930 h PRECIOUS Precious Jones is 16 and expecting her second child, lives in Harlem, because of their pregnancy are forced to leave school, Precious ends in an institute for desperate cases, where the teacher meets Rain, who will see that you have the possibility to recover its dignity, speaking in a way that never would have imagined. • Thursday, April 8, at 2230 h • Friday, April 9, at 2230 h • Saturday, April 10, at 2230 h • Sunday, April 11, at 17.00 h and 19.30 h REBEL HEART Bad Blake is a country singer with a hard life that has passed too marriages. Bad can not help but seek salvation with the help of Jean a journalist who discovers the true man behind the musician. • Thursday, April 15, at 2230 h • Friday, April 16, at 2230 h • Saturday, April 18, at 17.00 h and 19.30 h MILLENNIUM 3 In this installment Lisbeth must prove his innocence before all those who accuse him of triple murder. It will also seek revenge on all those who have made life impossible. • Friday, April 23, at 2230 h • Saturday, April 24, at 2230 h • Sunday, April 25, at 1930 h

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