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Cambrils / Diary / 2.Cambrils

Cambrils. Celebration of Tres Tombs.

23 January 2011


Sunday 23 January At 9:00 pm on the concentration of chivalry Pinaret Park At 11:30 am Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Way At 12:15 pm, at the start of Mass in the courtyard of the Sanctuary Blessing of animals Prizes will be awarded to all participants Second, initiation of TRES TOMBS Lead the procession the Band "Union Musical Santa Barbara" Journey of Three Tombs: Streets: Virgen del Camino, Baix Camp, James Ferran, Joan Maragall, Av. Independence, Crown of Aragon, and Virgen del Camino think. Then the parade will go to Port. After the historical, every boy and girls who want to get on and take a walk ponies with the "Equestrian Castles," Virgen del Camino in the street, you can do for free. Other activities of the weekend: At 15:00 is the central nave of the facilities of the Cooperative competition: BOTIFARRA System of play: Swiss Registration fee: 15 € Awards according to the results. Gift to all participants Registration: Agricultural Cooperative Cambrils Phone: 977360719 to 977369511 At 16:00 pm CHESS COMPETITION Organized by local club  

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