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,Sifasol, fills on April 9th with jazz, soul and the Dixie the Barri Antic in Cambrils

"Sifasol" fills on April 9th with jazz, soul and the Dixie the Barri Antic in Cambrils

Cambrils. Costa Dorada. The music will be heard this Saturday 9th April 2011 the streets and squares of the Old Quarter of Cambrils thanks to a new initiative Sifasol. A musical tour the old town, a day's, and music festival sponsored by the Office of Neighborhood Plan of the City Council and the Association of Cambrils Cambrils Sea Jazz and coincides with the first day of the second edition of Tapas and Wine Route of the old arena. Throughout the day (morning, afternoon, evening and night), the jazz, soul and Dixie will be the star with various concerts and activities for all ages that have been scheduled and will be borne by the first two bands level as the group The Soul Machine and Sitjazz Street Band. Event schedule: At 10:30 h to 12:00 h. The Street Parade Soul Machine from the Market Square to the Plaza de España passing through the streets of Old Quarter. From 13:00 to 14:00. Music at the time of vermouth. The Albert Walk, between Hospital Street and the School of Music. Musical entertainment with The Street Soul Machine. From 18:00 am to 19:00 pm Children's show at the Plaza of Spain Sitjazz Band. Later there will be cake and chocolate for children. From 20:30 am to 22:00 pm Musical entertainment in bars and restaurants participated in the tapas and wine route in Old Quarter Sitjazz Band. Groups participating in the conference "Sifasol": Sitjazz Band This sextet was formed in December 2000 in Sitges with the goal of restoring New Orleans jazz repertoire from the early 1900s and especially the spirit and function of music in those years, when from each house, or in bars or on the street, music filled the lives of people. During this decade, the group has participated in some festivals in the state model and are the usual Tarragona Dixieland Festival.   The Dixieland Jazz or old, which is offering live Sitjazz the Band is the music that was played in New Orleans in the early twentieth century It was the result of an important fusion of cultures and knowledge, and became the music of the people: a direct line of communication between the performers and the audience. The fact that music was not a commercial product without a distinctive cultural values ​​or a certain social level Marquis. The New Orleans Jazz funerals to exist, at dances, at parties ... in short, the daily life of people. An accessible style, and at the same time with strong musical and social content.   The Street Soul Machine The formation of ten musicians from different localities in Tarragona is a direct daughter of the famous and popular soul band The Soul Machine, which was established in Falset just over a decade. With more than 200 concerts throughout the state, the group has decided to go one step further and created a proposal for street music, The Street Soul Machine, which keeps the same spirit as the formation mother but with a smaller training. Now, the funky soul-jazz and lead him through the streets and squares so everyone can enjoy. In fact, the band debuted a few days ago the first edition of the Festival Jazz Reus animating the streets of the capital of Lower Camp. In Cambrils, offer the second official action that is sure to leave no one indifferent. The repertoire is based on offering classic Blues Brothers. Aretha Franklin and James Brown, among others. Music, in short, to dance and let yourself go.  

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