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The Gaudí Centre receives 40% more visits during the summer compared to the same period of 2010

The Gaudí Centre receives 40% more visits during the summer compared to the same period of 2010

Reus. Costa Dorada. A total of 31,557 people visited the Gaudi Centre during the summer season (June, July and August) of 2011, 40% more visitors compared to the same period last year. These data, which correspond both to individual visitors as guests and organized groups are extremely positive and confirms the power of attraction of the Gaudí Centre, which has become a true engine of economic revitalization in the city. During the month of August saw record monthly visitors to the Gaudí Centre, with 11,210 people who passed the previous record, which was in July, with 10,746 visitors. And on 12 August was the day that there was a greater influx of visitors in its history, with 912 people visited the center. The Councillor for the area of ​​Economic Development, Alicia Alegret, is very satisfied with the data recorded this summer in the field of tourism in the city, and noted that "Reus has become an essential complement to tourism sun and sand. " The councilor added that "people who come to a break in Salou Vila-seca, Tarragona, Cambrils and even have marked the journey made a stop in the city of Reus." In this sense, the councilor stressed that this dynamic include Reus in its route is being carried out both foreign and Spanish visitors. Therefore, Alice Alegret said that "Reus is not only the commercial capital, but also has become a leading tourist and cultural center of the Costa Dorada." Russian tourists, the largest In the group of visitors, said the influx of Russian visitors to the Gaudí Centre, which from January to August were 18,749, representing an increase of 53% over the same period last year. At the time the customer is visiting Russian largest city. This significant increase is due to several reasons, including the Russian tourists in Reus is the ideal combination of cultural and commercial, which is ultimately what you want. In this regard, remember that the Tourism Department and Commerce of Reus has performed throughout the year various promotional activities to attract the Russian tourist who spends his holidays on the Costa Dorada and has developed some measures to improve attention to these tourists. The main novelties of this year, was installed for the first time a tourist information point at the bus station, arrival point of most Russian tourists to the city (88%). The profile of visitors in summer Of the total number of individual visitors who visit the Gaudí Centre this summer, 86% were foreign nationals. The foreign tourists has increased by 47% this summer compared to summer 2010. These are especially prominent Russian visitors, as already seen, and of France, representing 56% and 15% respectively of total visitors to the Gaudí Centre. The following citizens Netherlands (4%) and British (3%). As for the Spanish visitors, they represented 7% of the total (an increase of 9% on the previous summer). The Catalans are a 4% (an increase of 17%) and citizens of Reus 3% (an increase of 16%). The remaining 8% is for visitors from other states. Rating excellent visitor An important source of information about visitors surveys are carried out to Gaudí Centre. In this respect, with regard to their satisfaction, the value of the equipment is very good, and show the 1455 survey to be conducted and scored an average of 9'1 equipment. In the case of Russian tourists, the average reaches about 9'3 10. The economic impact of the Gaudí Centre in Reus From 2 January until 31 August, the Gaudi Centre has entered a total of 236,867 euros in ticket sales, a figure which represents an increase of 28% over the same period of 2010, contributing to income self-financing of this equipment. For surveys (1451), known to visitors to the Gaudí Centre take advantage of their stay to other activities in the city, including the time spent shopping and restaurants. According to these surveys, 60% of visitors are interested in buying, and if the Russians is 80%. Each of the visitors made an average expenditure of 69 euros in stores in Reus, a figure that in the case of Russian tourists is doubled, standing at 135 euros in average expenditure. In the case of restoring 45% of respondents stated that they will eat in Reus, the French are with 55% and an average expenditure of $ 30 per person. These data confirm the growing importance of tourism for the commercial sector of the city, especially during the summer months. Forecast for the future For next summer, Reus Tourism wants to strengthen the actions aimed at the Russian market, which currently is more interesting for the tourist trade in the city of Reus. For next summer, is expected to work on two levels: • Improve elements of positioning, recruitment and communication, particularly through improvements to the website of Tourism Reus, as well as increasing its interaction with the environment 2.0. According to surveys conducted this summer by 25% of Russian tourists on Reus disclosed through the Internet. • Provide better service to visitors: organization of the course of Russian customer service, refund of VAT, the new tourist information points.

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