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The youth program Carretera and Manta presents the activities of the 2013 season

Salou. Costa Dorada. February 8, 2013. The Ateneo School of Cambrils was the setting in which the mayors of the municipalities of Salou and Cambrils, Pere Granados and Mercedes Dalmau and the third deputy mayor of Vila-seca, Joseph Toquero, presented the activities of the Road and blankets for the season 2013, the departments of the three municipalities manage coordination Youth since 2001. This year's proposal - aimed at young people aged 14 to 30 years - includes a total of 30 activities, 20 of which are educational in nature and focused on language learning courses in the field of social care and handling of food. The 10 remaining activities relate to education and leisure, focusing on ski trips, visit to the show and two new manga. With renewed spirit and make our own program for young people this year have been incorporated into the proposed workshop "we pineapple" towers linked to culture, and visit the X-Games to be held in Barcelona. The budget this year, following the austerity promoted in recent years, is set at € 105,535, however, slightly increased the budget $ 3,000. The mayor of Cambrils, Merced Dalmau said that "the joint commitment of the three municipalities in the field of youth and the increase of places offer this year, reaches 1,100, the ability of governments to join forces and work for young people. " For his part, the Mayor of Salou, Pere Granados, said: "The best we can do as a government is to prioritize policies for our youth and provide increased training activities as these in the future, we will report a better society but without forgetting the leisure and entertainment, as reflected in this year's Road and blanket. " The deputy mayor of Vila-Seca, Josep Toquero, said: "The program we present today is near 13 years of successful participation and work done on the back. The youth, who year after year have joined the activities and the fact that some of them run out of places in a few days is a simple project that suits your needs, both educational and leisure " . In this sense, the learning activities are incorporated in the program have 75% rebate and increase prices to make it affordable for most young people will have a total of 1,100 people, more than a hundred the previous year. In addition, this year there is an advantage equity direct bearing on the reduction of program costs.

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