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The volume of tourists from Ukraine could double in a year

Salou. Tarragona. Costa Dorada. April 11th, 2012. The directors of the 130 best travel agents attending Natalie Tours of Ukraine, between now and Saturday, the First Congress Natalie Tours - Ukraine held in Spain. Provide valuable insight into the potential of the Gold Coast to its customers. Natalie Tours drink 70% of the Ukrainian tourism market to Spain, which in 2011 reached 15,000. The tour operator is forecast that by 2012, this figure could double. The combination of tourist attractions visit the Costa Dorada, with conference sessions on business development are the main elements that shape the agenda of the First Annual Congress of Natalie Tours Ukraine, which started today and will develop in tourist resorts of Salou, La Pineda, Vila-Seca and Cambrils. The inaugural session held today, has served to highlight the excellent prospects of the issuer market of Ukraine. With about 15,000 visitors received in 2011, Ukraine is one of the tourism markets that best presents symptoms for the coming seasons. For this season, the level of reserves reported to date can be expected that the growth could be very significant, up to double the figure of 2011. Currently, Natalie Tours manages 70% of this market issuer. Although the volume of visitors received is far from the million Russians who arrived in 2011, this tourist has habits similar to those of its neighbor. Among these are its high purchasing power and a long stay, which are located in the 11.5 days on average. Flights and visas For Joan Pascual, CEO of NT incoming (incoming agency leading Russian and Ukrainian tourists), these perspectives are explained by "the good economic situation in the cities of the country in which much of basa prospects for GDP growth of 4.8% annually, according to the IMF, the articulation of more and better air links, and also the visa facilitation, in a similar line of what happened to the Russian tourism years ago. " During the 2012 season Natalie Tours plans to double the passenger capacity available to its agents and, through them, has introduced and improved air links exist. Indeed, in early April to begin operating the links between the airport in Kiev, Donetsk and Kharkov, with Barcelona, ​​and from Kiev to Mallorca and Tenerife. These links will be operational until late October. In parallel to the air links, it is also remarkable for those responsible for Natalie Tours, the streamlining of visa management procedures being carried out at the Spanish Embassy in Kiev. In this regard, on behalf of tour operator, Natalia Vorobieva, Director General of Natalie Tours, stated that "During 2011 the management of visas Natalie was a success. Now we have confirmed that the embassy staff in 2012 will increase torque to respond to increased demand expected from Natalie Tours and we can only praise, recognize and thank this initiative. " Conferences and visits Air links, offers vacation packages, technical conferences and field training are the main ingredients of the program's first Natalie Tours Congress Ukraine. Until 14 April, with its heart in the Estival Park, Costa Daurada, 130 representatives of major travel agencies in Ukraine, both the retail network of Natalie Tours or agency authorized distributors, visit the main attractions of the Costa Dorada. It is expected that during the four days of the conference, participants will have the opportunity to learn about tourism in the area, through a program of visits and activities developed in conjunction with l'Catalan Agency for Tourism, the Tourism Board Provincial Council of Tarragona - Costa Daurada, the Municipal Board of Tourism of Salou, the Municipal Board of Tourism of Vila-seca, La Pineda beach, and the Municipal Board of Tourism Cambrils.

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