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TheCatalan Adventure raid arrives in Cambrils

TheCatalan Adventure raid arrives in Cambrils

Cambrils. Costa Dorada. On March 20th will take place in a Raid Adventure Cambrils: II Cambrils Open Raid. The rally will consist of Cambrils 3 distinct categories in order to reach all the athletes and everyone involved in what they believe is their level: Introduction 15 km. - Aventura 50 km. Elite and 79 km. A raid is a team sporting event that combines different disciplines in nature. A l 'Open Raid Cambrils will test guidance, mountain biking, trekking, ropes circuits, in addition to sea kayaking. Athletes discover around Cambrils, enjoying nature, on a test where the ability to read a map and guide will be very important, while also intervene teamwork and physical fitness of athletes. The Raid of Cambrils is part of the Catalan Cup Raids 2010 (FEEC), which this year includes 6 tests of Cambrils and has the honor to begin the season.   At the level of participation last year in riid Cambrils had 61 teams from different (41% Barcelona, 10% Lleida, Girona, Spain 8%, Huesca 5% in Bizkaia and 2% Valencia, Tarragona and 32%) = 68 % outside of Tarragona. We should also note the wide range of female participation by 22% compared with 78% of men. By category, the entry highlighted in category adventure (59%), initiation (26%) and elite (15%). This year we believe that participation will be the same or even more, as has been simplified over all routes. Registration closes on March 15.   The Elite category was notable for the more demanding physical and technical level, with a total of 79 km and altitude of 1.225m and a good 6 hours of racing for the first team will test mountain biking, hiking, a ropes and test circuit sea kayaking. The elite teams, according to the mode in which they participate will be made for 1, 2 or 3 runners throughout the race and must be self-sufficient with food, since they will not care. The mode will be 3 runners taking part in the Catalan Cup Raids FEEC 2010. The Adventure has a cathegory with an average of 53km and 625m ascent. These teams already have some experience but not enough to shall challenge to a demanding circuit. These athletes and teams of 2, unlike the elite, they will receive assistance from the organization. Enjoy a trekking route-guidance on the most "advisors" to take advantage.   The last category is that of initiation, with which it is intended that local athletes in the area can "taste" the flavor of an adventure so close, and easily. It will be a short tour of 15km and 40m drop in total 3h competition. The tests are mountain biking, race and urban orientation sea kayaking.   We emphasize that this year the start and finish of the race will be the athletics track, which will enable us to make a first athletic competition, while the final test for all categories will install a circuit of in Athletics Track (Tibetan bridge-climbing and rappelling). Activity will be more visible and spectacular raid. X-RAID OPEN RACES The Raid of Cambrils is also the first evidence of so-called X-Race 10 Open Raids, Raid adventure tour promotion with an average participation of 60 teams in the Catalan and this year will consist of 3 races. The Raid of Cambrils is consolidated as an event of the circuit with a view to 2011 might be the Championship of Catalonia Raids in 2011, where the organization already is working. The X-Open Raids breeds stand out as a gateway to adventure where the majority of controls and equipment are optional, depending on your state, you can visit more or less than controls. Finally, those who visit more controls in less time, is who wins.  

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