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In Cambrils, Little Luxuries

Cambrils. Costa Dorada. January 25, 2013. The NAC trough local Cambrils, develops a work in promoting cultural and professional artists from music, theater, artisans and others.   The idea appears due to several factors: the large number of quality artists residing in the counties of Tarragona, and the need for them to showcase their creations live (should be noted that this sector has been seriously injured in recent years), the current economic and social situation that requires activation of the movement of the economy, even if the small economy, because not talking about a project that moves exorbitant amounts of money, art as tool takes to enjoy life, and even has a therapeutic function for the mental health of a society that is slowly sinking, growing depression, there are fears, sadness returns ...   The project includes a banda locals will be held on the promotion of artists, small shows and short duration. On the other hand the project has consisted technicians to create a poster artistic quality that people can enjoy the area marked monthly days of the week.   Locals may all those who are interested in mobilizing the economy and small and medium they understand and accept the basic rules of operation. They can be restaurants, bars, small businesses, markets, etc.. There is the possibility that two or more businesses join together to do a gig in the square or street. The local participants will prove that the distinction as members of the advertising project that entails.   Artists interested should send their proposals to the organizing team that evaluates and ranks the style to facilitate the creation of the agenda. In the case of amateur artists the possibility to do a session for a month to show their creations in the form of springboard, then the proposals will have the quality required to become part of the circuit "in Cambrils, Little Luxuries" . Thus, "in Cambrils, little luxuries" is an initiative that focuses on live music and other performing arts, and even other formats of artistic expression, it aims to help the industry of artists, mobilizing Small and Medium economy and the lives of people cheering Cambrils, commuter and tourism in general.    Benefits Cambrils:  Cambrils wins a tourism promotion quality and different.  hotels, campsites and apartments for rent there as a lure to earn their living.  The local Cambrils win with business development.  The artists are to gain direct promotion of their products.  help financially artists.  Culture wins as a creative and dynamic continuity.  The company wins as improved quality of life.  The local economy it reflected a positive cash flow activation.

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