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Cambrils install a 3D spherical planetarium to celebrate Science Week

Cambrils install a 3D spherical planetarium to celebrate Science Week

Cambrils. Costa Dorada. The Science Week in Cambrils comes loaded with activities related to astronomy, the origin of life, evolution and scientific culture. The program provides fifteen acts performed between 13 and 28 November and is organized by the Department of Culture of the City of Cambrils. The big news is the Cinesfèric, a type of projection has not been released so far in the country. Is scheduled for Nov. 21 from 10 to 14 hours and installed installed in the courtyard of the Centro Cultural de Cambrils. It is a spherical planetarium, with a 180x360 viewing angle degrees, full color, which will screen the film "Origins of Life", a digital 3D film about the evolution of life. The big attraction is the immersive experience of the structure, which takes the viewer into the film. Admission is free, no pre-registration is required, subsequent sessions will be held during the morning and will last 20 minutes. Other activities include an exit Escornalbou day 21, at night, to learn the constellations, from the hand of Professor Roger Cabré the URV. Departure is from Paseo Albert at 20:00. You will need to register in cambrilense Cultural Center, although activity will be free. Are also scheduled concerts, workshops for children on creating tools such as compasses, moon and sun and moon clocks. In addition, you can see puppet shows, educational visits in the planetary and lectures on Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species. Activities for everyone The whole program has been approached from a participatory and pluralistic. According to the Coordinator of the Science Week in Cambrils, Joan Pellicer, activities "want to reach all audiences," so "has worked in various languages, such as music, painting, photograph or image" . And is that second Pellicer, this week does not want to talk about technology but about ideas, because "science, to find a way forward, the first step is thinking." For his part, Councilor of Culture, Joan Recasens, wanted to highlight "the people's curiosity to know where we came from and where we go," and these activities are intended, according to the councilman, "arouse the curiosity and reconnect with science and thought. " All activities are free, although some require registration at the Cultural Center and Occupational (c / St. Plàcid, 18-20). The program can be downloaded here.

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