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Cambrils to host FesTOUR 2010, the largest touring festival of Catalan Countries.

Cambrils. Costa Dorada. Cambrils is one of 10 towns of the Catalan region where the festival FesTOUR 2010 will take place. FesTOUR Estrella Damm is a festival of Catalan music that takes over an extravaganza of quality, and groundbreaking new musical, best technical resources and a new concept of social participation. Not just a concert, is an effective proposal for the revival of live music in Catalan. A show that brings together in one space different musical styles young, fresh and direct. The FesTOUR becomes a point of connection between musicians and local entities participating in the festival, for an entire region and groups who are third way, creating a festival unique and unrepeatable in each of his stops. Root talks with Third Way, an association formed by musicians who created and supports the emerging bands of the Catalan Countries FesTOUR and organizer of the festival, it was believed desirable to Cambrils in 2010 was one of the areas selected to conduct this festival. The festival is to present and future: a future commitment to the performance of two groups of Third Way and a local group to the festival giving voice to emerging bands with the highest in the country, and this is a bet as it The festival closes with a headliner that brings the concert to the public. The area of the council and third parties via a strong commitment to Cambrils year as one of the most important FesTOUR. The festival, which will be free, is scheduled for 10 September, Day concert in the acts of the festival and performing groups are: Kayo MALAY and Björk as groups of Third Way, touch wood as local group leaders and two posters included in a Third Way: Strombers and a great headliner, opening step, which will in Cambrils a new concert tour in Catalonia, after a year of rest. To carry out this project has the collaboration of local party organizations. Wednesday, April 21, old factory Damm was the press presentation of the fifth edition of FesTOUR 2010. The 2010 tour FesTOUR again spectacular, with over ten festival dates, a new image and a powerful cartel leaders to travel to the Catalan Countries. Estrella Damm is the main sponsor. The concert presentation of the new season will take place on Friday 23, the day of Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Sala Bikini Strombers groups and Muyayo riff. In five years' festival, drawing more than twenty towns in Catalonia, the FesTOUR has reached over 80,000 spectators. In the 2010 edition of FesTOUR is expected to reach about 70,000 people in public. Besides the FesTOUR unveils new image, matched with the spirit of the festival: new poster and new pet KUKUXUMUSU signed. Places to go where the FesTOUR 2010: Barcelona (April 23), Salerno (7 May), Sydney - shanty (June 23), Granollers (26 June), Montblanc - young campers (July 15), Cambrils (September 10) Alcanar (October), Pierre (31 October) and two places to finish concrete. Some of the bands FesTOUR 2010: Opening Step, Bitch Deaf, The Sticker, Strombers, Che Sudaka, the machine Costorico, Sotazero, Kayo Malayo, and Pepet Marieta Muyayo Rif .  

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