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Cambrils / Diary / 2.Cambrils

Cambrils. Centro Civico Les Basses. Poetry.

05 March 2010


Cambrils. Centro Civico Les Basses. Poetry.   7pm   Antenna Knowledge the URV in Cambrils HALL OF POETRY Intervens ANTONIO CARVAJAL  The poet Antonio Carvajal (Albolote, Grenada, 1943) is a PhD in Romance Philology by the Universidad de Granada professor and head of the same metric; member of the Academia de Buenas Letras de Granada. In 1990 the National Prize Received any criticism. Considered one of the biggest poets of the current Spanish contemporary poetry, is the author of the most indefatigable and caudaloso called Generation of 70. His books have been Highlighted as the most intense and personal that have Aparecida in the last decades. Very renovator poética Andalusian tradition, a Artifice versificación refined and innovative, have taken fielmente, since its first poemario, the line of baroque poetry. This fidelity has been maintained not only in terms of the Use of the Technical Resources (Carvajal likes to use the combinations and the estróficas more complicadas figuras retóricas more evidentemente quevedianas and gongorinas), but also in terms of various planteamientos the content to be characterized by a celebration with deep-raigambre-philosophical life and the "cosmic love". Nevertheless, it should signal that since the mid 80's poetry Antonio Carvajal-structures without abandoning completely the already mentioned cultas also expresses itself in the popular poetry módulos. Very recently has welcomed, on his book A Song more clearly the award of the Academy of Ceppi of Pistoia in Italy, awarded internationally, in addition to the economic provisions, the conclusion incluirá de unas jornadas del 18 al 21 de marzo en la ciudad in which experts analyze the work of Antonio Carvajal. BOOKS OF POEMS: Tigers in the garden. Barcelona-Madrid: Ciencia Nueva, 1968. Serenade and Navajo. Barcelona: Saturn, 1973. Almost a fantasy. Granada: Universidad de Granada, 1975. Siesta on the veranda. San Sebastian. Vascas Elsevier, 1979. Site of Ballesteros. Madrid: La Ventura, 1981. Sun alude that. In extravagant hierarchy (1958-1981). New York: Hyperion, 1983. Wind in the jasmine. New York: Hyperion, 1984. News of September. Cordoba: torch of straw, 1984. Whim of a celestial. New York: Hyperion, 1988. Testimony of winter. New York: Hyperion, 1990. Sextinas wild. New York: Hyperion, 1992. Miradas sobre el agua. Madrid, Hyperion, 1993. Raso, Milena and pearl. Valladolid: Fundación Jorge Guillén, 1995. Alma luciente region. New York: Hyperion, 1997. With word inherited. Cordoba: Cajasur, 1999. The steps evocados York: Hyperion, 2004. Diapason of Epicurus. Huelva: Fundación El Monte, 2004. A Song more clear. Palencia: Simancas Ediciones, 2008. Letters to friends. Malaga: Publications of the old South printing, 2009.

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