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Cambrils / Diary / 2.Cambrils

Cambrils. Cambrils Music festival.

30 July 2010


HEART CHILDREN IN TEMPO WILHELM FORTUNY ENSEMBLE Children's Cantata: The great alchemist Samà Park at 10pm. As a family activity, presents a cantata for children, the great alchemist, played by William Fortuny Children's Choir under the direction of Carolina Morales with training In Tempo Ensemble Rat Cebrián and Nuria Carazo, tells how the alchemist and his four assistants working elves preparing the cake of happiness as a big book book fair old Paseo de Gracia, a chapter devoted to discovering the Philosopher's Stone. Following the discovery, are proposed for the stone, and while they solve riddles posed by this text, discovering the elements that make music: melody, rhythm, harmony and polyphony. The Children's Choir was founded in 2007 as part of a musical and artistic awareness that develops the Fortuny William School, in conjunction with the Parents of this center. Integrated for children of primary and, with the aim of promoting among them the love and taste for music. The Cantata "The Great Alchemist" is an original idea and production of the Barcelona Auditorium.  

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