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The fair in Russia finds good prospects for 2012 tourism in Costa Dorada

Salou. Costa Dorada. The tourist boards of Cambrils and Salou high value assistance to the trade fair Otdykh Leisure, which was held this past week in Moscow. It is a professional fair in which, for the first time it has decided after seeing the performance on the rise of Russian tourism in recent times. The two councilors in the area, Xavier Martin and Benet Presas, Cambrils and Salou, respectively, coincide in pointing out that there are good prospects in this market. "The fair has helped to gauge the evolution of the Russian market for the next year and I must say that there has been a very good job of all contacts with both tour operators and retailers with over fifty" Presas explained. The head of tourism has also resulted in Salou that more than a dozen employers in Salou private sector also have been present and where this line is considered to be continuing. "We continue to work not only to witness the current market share of Russian tourism but also for the increase, continuing improvement, planning and promoting our destination in a joint public-private initiative, so that our offer holiday and leisure is the most competent and attractive, "he said. Indeed, after meeting with the tour operators points to a good number in terms of programming for next season 2012 with increases that could come to be located between 30 and 50% over the figures achieved this year . And the Russian economy does not suffer the crisis on a par with many other countries. "We started talking about added value to our product as a key to success this year, applying a strategic vision that has been able to attract a market of middle-class families in that country, with an interesting purchasing power and spending, "said Presas. In the same way the council has spoken of Tourism Cambrils valued "very positively to the commercial arrival of the Russian tourism to make a major expense and this helps the local business fabric." In confirmed the growing trend for the next year come out in Cambrils also benefited a lot because "now the Russian is becoming a mainstay of the area, the change in trend could help in our town believe that it is a very active important because it extends the season. " But for responsible tourism in Cambrils should also think about how a Russian tourist who may want to supply you with sports facilities:"We want to offer visitors to our sports facilities to promote sports and seasonal stays further season". Another requests that have reached the tourist boards of the Costa Daurada office in the fair Otdykh Leisure are direct links to the airport of Reus.  

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