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The Cambrils Music Festival, from July 25 to August 11

Poster, prices, schedules and how to get there
The Adexe & Nau brothers will perform at the Cambrils Music Festival

Cambrils. Costa Dorada. 20 July 2019. Spanish and international artists and groups of Catalan and national renown form the poster for the 45th International Music Festival of Cambrils, which will start on July 25 and end on August 11, 2019. The poster is composed by Sara Baras, Momo-Tributo a Queen , Els Pets, Fangoria, Rozalén, Álvaro Soler, Diego El Cigala, Vanesa Martín, SAU30, Rosario and Adexe & Nau.

The festival will open with the performance of Sara Baras on July 25, which will present its new show "Sombras". The next day, July 26, the international touch will put Momo, the best band tribute to Queen, to remember the 40th anniversary of the release of the album "Jazz" and the well-known "Do not stop me now".

On July 27, one of the emblematic groups of Catalan rock, Els Pets, will perform on stage, presenting their latest album "Som", while on August 1 it will be the turn of a group insígnia of Spanish music and more specifically of the movida madrileña: Fangoria, with Alaska and Nacho Canut in celebration of the 30th anniversary of his musical career.

At this point the programming of the International Music Festival of Cambrils takes a turn to give way to a new proposal: that of Rozalén. Author's music, with social commitment in its lyrics, that on August 2 will present its work "When the river sounds ...".

Another young artist but already recognized inside and outside the country is Álvaro Soler. He will stop in Cambrils on August 3 as part of the tour he is doing in Spain and Latin America with his album "Música de colores".

On August 4, the International Festival of Music of Cambrils moves from youth to a well-respected and well-respected artist like Diego El Cigala, who is celebrating the 15th anniversary of his celebrated album "Lágrimas negras" with a tour.

The prolific singer-songwriter Vanesa Martín will bring "All the women who live in me" to the stage of the festival cambrilense on August 8, while the next day, August 9, Pep Sala and Sau30 will recall the main successes of one of the key formations of the Catalan rock of the 90s.

To face the end of this year's program, the Cambrils Music Festival has prepared a grand finale with the concert of Rosario on August 10 and Adexe & Nau, the Canarian brothers of 13 and 16 years who are revolutionizing the music scene, on August 11.

Schedules, prices and interesting information of the International Music Festival of Cambrils

All concerts are held at the Parc del Pinaret in Cambrils, at 10 pm, and the prices range between 22 and 72.60 euros, depending on the concert and the location. The most affordable concert is that of Momo-Tributo a Queen, which costs between 8.80 and 11 euros. Tickets can be purchased at the Cambrils Tourist Board Office or at the festival website. Please note that the organization does not accept changes or refunds of the tickets in any case, and that only the money of the tickets will be refunded in case of cancellation of the show. In addition, children under 16 must be accompanied by the parent or parent, or the guardian or legal guardian, and have the authorization document completed.

In the Parc del Pinaret, where the International Music Festival of Cambrils is held, you can not enter any food or drink. In fact, in the area prior to the stage and the space of the concert itself, a gastronomic area is located each year, which opens at 8 pm each concert day. It offers a careful selection of drinks, sandwiches, hamburgers, frankfurts, vegan and celiac dishes, sweets and nuts, among others. The gastronomic zone closes at 2 o'clock in the morning.

Arrive at the International Music Festival of Cambrils and park

The Parc del Pinaret de Cambrils can be reached by car or motorbike, and parking in one of the areas enabled or in parking, partly free. Are:
  • Parking of the Hort del Ganivet and parking of the Menges (free) 300 meters from the Parc del Pinaret
  • At 500m from Parc del Pinaret you can park in:
street esplanade Pere Moreto
- Parking of Xalet d'en Bau (private)
- Parking of the Youth Ateneo
street parking Via Augusta (free, in front of the old Lidl)

You can also arrive by train to Cambrils (regional average distance from Barcelona) and from there to the Parc del Pinaret there is a 15 minute walk (1 km or so) in a straight line. This option may have a discount of 30 percent on the ticket price but you have to contact the festival organization to apply it. You also have to take into account the train schedules (the last leaves the Cambrils station before 10 o'clock at night) and that the station is not open all night.

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