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Cambrils / Diary / 2.Cambrils

Cambrils. Centro Civico Les Basses. Conference.

13 January 2012


Antenna of the URV Coneixement Cambrils POETRY CLASSROOM Reading of poems CHERRY ANGEL Divendres, 13 2012 • 7pm Civic Centre "Les Basses" - Cambrils Angel Guinda was born in Zaragoza on 26 August 1948. At sixteen he was an afternoon sitting on a bench in Paseo de la Constitution in his hometown, meditating in front of a sculpture of lovers emparaguados when poetry appeared, possessing. Since then exists and resists blow verses. At the end of the sixties began to give recitals, and began medical studies he soon left for teaching. His first books appeared in the seventies and early eighties collected his poetry taken so far in life hungry, who noted very early by the harshness of his texts and self-destructive proposal. He combined with writing his teaching Spanish language and literature: first in the Aragonese Pyrenees and later in Zaragoza, until after trial disenchanted against "the icing on the Espermento" went into exile in Madrid in 1987. Madrid stage gave way to a more existentialist poetry, more concerned with the loneliness and the passage of time. In this period are the public knowledge of the environment, the arrival of bad weather and Biography of death. With the new century, his desire to communicate and transfer has led to a very open and supportive poetry, arriving with inner course a wider audience that identifies with his Poems for others. He wrote the lyrics of the Hymn of Aragon with Ildefonso-Manuel Gil, Taylor and Manuel Rosendo Vilas. During his career he has also been a translator, has published articles on art and literature in various journals and magazines of national circulation, and publisher, founding Puyal collection of poetry in 1977 and the redwing magazine in 1988. He was awarded the Prize for Literature Aragonesas 2010.

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